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Insurance Adjuster (s) Florida.

If Your Home or Property in Florida Has Been Damaged and You Have an Insurance Claim, You Don’t Need an Insurance Adjustor, You Need an Attorney.

Florida insurance companies no longer work cohesively with insurance adjusters, but instead are actively limiting the number of insurance adjusters who can be licensed in Florida. Insurance companies are trying to protect their interests by limiting the power and scope of the insurance adjusters abilities to negotiate on your behalf. This is not true for a Property Insurance Claims Attorney, who can represent your interests in a court of law. Insurance companies may have effectively crippled the power that insurance adjusters wield in Florida, but a skilled attorney still has a full arsenal to bring against them on your behalf.

The Law Offices of Scott R. Dinin is a group that will Fight for Your Rights and Get You the Full Amount Your Insurance Company Owes You.

You have been paying your insurance premiums for years with the expectation that your insurance company will be there to help you when your property is damaged. It is a gross injustice that our legal system has decided that an insurance company is not subject to criminal charges even if they knowingly and deliberately cheat their policy holders. If a policy holder files a false claim, that individual is subject to criminal prosecution, fines, and even jail time. This system is wildly skewed toward the interests of the powerful insurance companies.

You May Think an Insurance Adjuster is the Only Ally You Have Against the Insurance Companies. This Simply Isn’t True. A Property Insurance Claims Attorney is Your Best Chance to Get the Full Insurance Coverage You Deserve.

If your property has been damaged in Florida, you don’t need an insurance adjuster, you need an attorney. Call  us  today to get the help you and your family need. We can help you find an attorney who can take on the insurance companies – and win.

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