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How to Sue Your Insurance Company

You Pay Your Insurance Premiums For Protection Against Property Damage and Financial Loss. Under Florida State Laws, Insurance Companies Must Demonstrate Good Faith With Policy Holders by Simply Delivering What You Have Paid For.

Although there are laws in place to protect policy holders, it is unfortunate that penalties for misusing the insurer/insured contract are much steeper for the policy holder.  If you, as a policy holder, act in bad faith and file a false insurance claim, you can be found guilty of fraud and be subject to fines or even prison time. An insurer that tries to defraud a policy holder will not be criminally prosecuted and cannot be sent to prison for what is, essentially, the same crime. As a policy holder who has been defrauded, your only recourse is to file a civil suit and sue your insurance company to prove that they have acted in bad faith.

In the Context of Property Insurance, “Bad Faith” on the Part of an Insurer Can Most Easily be Defined as “The Unreasonable Refusal to Pay a Valid Claim Promptly.”

The most common practices of bad faith on the part of an insurance company would include an unreasonable delay in completing the processing of a claim, failure to investigate the claim fully, inadequate payment of a claim, and the conscious and deliberate disregard for policy holder rights. If you have filed a claim and been strung along, short-changed, and badly treated, it’s time to speak to an attorney about how to sue your insurance company.

If Your Insurance Company Has Acted in Bad Faith, You Are Entitled to Sue Your Insurance Company For, Not Only the Full Amount of Benefits Due, But Also Damages Such as Emotional Distress and Economic Losses Suffered Due to the Insurer’s Refusal to Pay.

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