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Home Insurance in Florida – Is An Adjuster Needed?

If You Have a Home Insurance Claim in Florida, You Don’t Need an Adjuster – You Need an Attorney.

Only an attorney skilled in handling home insurance disputes can file a lawsuit to get you Insurance Justice™ and get you the maximum possible amount  money for your claim. Only an attorney can represent you in a court of law, and hold the insurance company legally liable for their actions.

The insurance companies are methodically and deliberately undermining the power of adjusters in Florida. These huge corporations simply don’t respect the power or influence of the adjuster any longer, and many claims are being denied, underpaid, or delayed well beyond any reasonable expectation of good faith.

It Will Not Cost You a Dime Out of Pocket to Retain a Powerful and Experienced Home Insurance Claims Attorney.

As a single policy holder, if you have been treated unjustly by your insurance company, been denied payment or given underpayment of a valid claim, you need to contact Scott R. Dinin at the Dinin Law firm/ Scott R. Dinin P.A.. These days, an adjuster just isn’t enough to help you with a serious Florida home insurance claim. You need the assistance of an experienced attorney to stand up for your legal rights and get you the money you and your family deserve. The Dinin Law firm/ Scott R. Dinin P.A can help you find an attorney to deal with any of these types of claims;

Air Conditioning Leaks
Auto Accident
Broken Pipes
Car Hitting a Building
Dishwasher Leaks
Fire Damage / Smoke Damage
Leaking Pipes / Water Damage
Loss by Collapse
Mold Damage
Roof &Plumbing Leaks
Theft / Vandalism
Water Heater Leaks
Hail Damage
Hurricane &Tornado Damage
Sink Holes / Storm Damage
Wind Damage
Hail Damage

If your home or property has been damaged or destroyed and the insurance company won’t pay, call us today to get the help you and your family need.

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